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    Noe Valley Kickoff (9am - 1pm Saturday, 8/20)

    Help us kick off the San Francisco vs. Big Soda campaign in Noe Valley! Join campaign staff and other volunteers passionate about turning the tide on Type 2 Diabetes, especially in kids, by making the Big Soda corporations pay a distribution tax that would raise money for community health programs.

    • Hear from community members leading the push for this historic measure.
    • Learn how to talk about it with your neighbors.
    • Head out with campaign staff to encourage Noe Valley to vote YES on Prop V this fall.
    • Complimentary breakfast & lunch will be provided.

    Together, we can show Big Soda who's really in charge and make them pay to fund programs that will ensure San Francisco children have the knowledge they need to make healthy food and beverage choices for the rest of their lives!

    August 20, 2016 at 9am
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